Reasons for setting up the ICF Foundation

ICF d.d. wants to act more socially responsible and directly assist parents, professionals and individuals in working with children and young people with developmental disabilities, with participation through various high quality individual and group education and rehabilitation projects and programs.


The purpose of the Foundation is to achieve the following contribution purposes from the foundation’s assets, as well as other income collected through the Foundation:

Projects and programs for empowerment of parents, carers and family members of children with developmental disabilities

Projects and programs for professional development of educators and rehabilitators who work with children with developmental disabilities

Printed and electronic publishing activities aimed at developing competencies and public awareness

Innovative programs aimed at developing skills and knowledge of children with developmental disabilities


Our primary focus is on educating families, as well as providing ongoing education of the public about the importance of inclusion of children and young people with developmental disabilities. We aim to influence more and more members of the community by working with families, professionals, service providers and policy makers, to ensure that every child diagnosed with developmental disabilities has available options for maximum development .

  We are led by a governing board, primarily made up of parents, as well as volunteers and reputable professionals who generously donate their time and efforts to increasing awareness and providing expertise and guidance to the organization.